Thursday, June 2, 2011

How thick should your rotors be?

ok so i have a 93 acura legend and i just changed my brakes but would like to know if i have to change my rotors. i usually change the rotors with the brakes at the same time but this time i did not. how thick should the rotors be? also is there a product i can spray on them to make them last longer or be more efficient. any info on rotors would be greatHow thick should your rotors be?
your minimum thickness should be stamped on the rotor itself, and spraying anything on the rotor is a bad idea. any brake quite i have ever seen or used goes on the back of the pad between the backing plate and the caliper/ piston itself. those rotors should last you longer than the life if a set of pads. btw you can pick up brake quite or something similar at your local p[art storeHow thick should your rotors be?
10w 30w oil will make them last longer and I'll bet they don't squeak either.How thick should your rotors be?
NEVER put oil on you rotors or pads!!!
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